Airedale residents take part in the Three Streets Love Where You Live Event

Published 11 July 2016

Residents living on Milnes Grove, Kershaw Avenue and Graham Street in Airedale took part in the Three Streets Love Where You Live Event hosted by WDH and The Airedale Neighbourhood Management Board to help them clean up the area.

The event is part of ongoing partnership work, supporting tenants and residents to feel proud of where they live and to help them keep it tidy.

On the day WDH’s Estate Impact Team were on hand to help take away larger items or extra bin bags, saving families the cost of having these removed.  Employees and residents from WDH spent time doing a litter pick around these three streets to ensure it was as clean as possible for local residents. 

People were also given the opportunity to come along to the WDH stand for a chat about Airedale and the chance to find out about other events coming up in the area.

James Sharpe, WDH’s Estate Manager, said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to see the transformation of Airedale, residents clearly have pride in their community and are confident about the future. The improvements in customer satisfaction and reductions in crime within the Airedale community represent a strong foundation for future success.”     

Mike Dixon, Chairman of The Airedale Neighbourhood Management Board said: “It’s great to work with WDH on events such as The Three Streets Clean. We want these events to help local residents to feel proud about where they live but also to prompt them to take care of the area around them. By working in partnership we ensure that these streets remain a nice place for people to live.” 

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