View our latest development, Newlands Gardens5 April 2016

Published 5 April 2016
Following the completion of our latest new-build housing development, our in-house construction team, Homebuilder, have documented their work in a short video
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Supplier news update5 April 2016

Published 5 April 2016
We are launching a fully electronic tendering and bidding service with our partner Due North.
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100+ children Clean for the Queen!24 March 2016

Published 24 March 2016
During the past two weeks 188 children from Normanton, Featherstone and the surrounding area have teamed up with WDH and taken part in Clean for the Queen, a national incentive to clean up the country in celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday in April.

Tenants gave their views at the Wakefield West Big Event22 March 2016

Published 22 March 2016
WDH held the “Big Event” for local tenants and residents on Wednesday 9 March 2016 at the Agbrigg and Belle Vue Community Centre. The main priority for the day was based on the results and feedback from the most recent Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

Easter opening times21 March 2016

Published 21 March 2016
All WDH Service Access Points will be closed on Friday 25 March reopening on Tuesday 29 March. For all enquiries, please contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.    
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WDH celebrates 11th anniversary21 March 2016

Published 21 March 2016
Today marks WDH’s 11th anniversary and to help celebrate it we’re sharing some of our key achievements from over the past 12 months.
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WDH Housebuilding trend19 March 2016

Published 19 March 2016
What goes around comes around - and I am not talking about the wheel! The new housing minister has delivered his maiden speech on housing policy. I am sure he feels, like most politicians today, that they are going into the boxing ring with one hand tied behind their back! Join the club.  Anything new in the speech? Oh yes, the government want to look at all tenures, not just home ownership. “Surprise, surprise!” our Cilla would have said. Is this Ms May's softer tone to reduce inequality alongside the grammar school policy for all at any age? No it's political gain to occupy the space left by Labour, as it moves further to the left. In techno speak; appealing to the C1/C2 voters! Who said politics was fair and not personal? Then the sting! Proposals have been released this week indicating sheltered housing schemes will be affected by the 1% rent cut from next year. Good news, they will not be affected by the local housing cap until 2019! How this will work has yet to be finalised (surprise, surprise again!) but it looks like local authorities will be copping for it again. As one of my esteemed political colleagues said, 'dividing nowt, by nowt, leaves nowt to share!'  In this week, where we seem to be seeing a change in position, WDH’s development programme has gone from strength to strength. The investment in new housing through the HCA is reaching £70 million and 500 units over next four years. However, if you look at the detail, building rented accommodation has dropped to zero! So Mr Barwell, you will have to put your money where your mouth is, or are our lips just moving and somebody else is speaking?  On a more positive note, how do they do it? Have you been watching the Paralympics? Wheelchair tennis. Magnificent.  Enjoy the extended summer!    
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WDH – It’s in our DNA15 March 2016

Published 15 March 2016
Our Chief Executive writes about WDH's apprenticeship opportunities.
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Wakefield residents urged to switch energy provider14 March 2016

Published 14 March 2016
Following the recent announcement by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that customers of the big six energy suppliers are being overcharged by £1.7bn a year, WDH is once again urging Wakefield residents to switch their energy provider.

Easter eggs donated to local foodbanks10 March 2016

Published 10 March 2016
100 Easter eggs have been donated to two West Yorkshire foodbanks, thanks to WDH’s Cash Wise initiative.
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