Protecting our local Swift population14 July 2022

Published 14 July 2022
WDH has been working closely with local action group, Wakefield Swifts, on roofing projects to make sure the endangered birds, as well as other species’ habitats, are safe.

Worried about rising energy costs?31 March 2022

Published 31 March 2022
You may be worried about how much your energy will cost from 1 April and how that will impact your budget. To help you plan your budget, save energy and support you with any concerns, we are here for you.

Have a sustainable Christmas: Food 10 December 2021

Published 10 December 2021
We’re sharing with you some key ways to reduce your food waste, and consider some alternative options for your Christmas dinner.

A sustainable Christmas: Gifts26 November 2021

Published 26 November 2021
The shops have been bursting with festive products for weeks already, and now is a great time to start planning ahead, if you haven’t already, and see how you can make the festive season more sustainable.

Stop condensation in its tracks this winter.16 November 2021

Published 16 November 2021
Condensation-is-the-number-one-cause-of-household-problems-with-damp-and-mould-but-you-have-the-power-to-stop-condensation-in-its-tracks. Condensation, or little water droplets on a surface, happens when warm, damp air meets a cold surface (like a cold glass of pop on a warm day) or when cold air meets a warm, damp surface (like windows on a cold morning).

WDH awarded sustainability funding boost by ERDF11 November 2021

Published 11 November 2021
WDH has been awarded over £2.8 million of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding to deliver a project in support of the UK Government’s 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. This will also support the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s aim to be net zero by 2038.

Has your energy supplier gone bust? Here’s what to do.30 September 2021

Published 30 September 2021
If you are a customer of one of the six energy suppliers that have gone bust this month, you are probably wondering what to do. Here is some information about what will happen next and advice on what to do.

Energy prices rising – do you switch and save?25 August 2021

Published 25 August 2021
Following the recent warnings and media stories that energy prices are set to rise for millions of households this coming winter, our Sustainability team is advising tenants to use our energy saving guides and to get in touch with them for advice and support on how to switch and save.

World biodiversity day21 May 2021

Published 21 May 2021
The United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity is held on 22 May each year.

Creating a buzz on world bee day20 May 2021

Published 20 May 2021
Today is World Bee Day and we have been busy as a bee putting some buzzing facts together on why bees are no threat to your green spaces, good for the environment and how you can help them along.
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