Energy Saving

Now might not be the best time to switch

Increasing energy prices means there are fewer cheap deals available in the market. We have partnered with Groundwork Green Doctors to offer local residents a completely free of charge energy-saving service. A green doctor can help residents save money and keep their homes warm. Referrals can be made by anyone for eligible residents.

Our colleagues in Cash Wise/Debt team and OneCALL are all able to refer you and you can now self-refer. See the Groundwork Green Doctor service for more information.

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Case study - Brenda Thorpe

Sarah Chatham could switch and save £234 on her heating bill

Brenda Thorpe, from Ryhill, hadn't switched her energy provider for eight years!

Brenda used to pay for her gas and electricity bill in cash at the post office when she received it. She didn't realise that changing to Direct Debit would make such a difference to the amount she spent. As she doesn't have internet access, she wasn't sure how to find a better deal by herself.

After finding out about WDH’s Switch and Save project, she attended a switching session at the Hub on the Bull Ring in Wakefield. Brenda received support to change her energy provider online, and she's now £138 a year better off – a 14 per cent saving on her previous tariff.

Brenda says, “I'd advise anyone to switch. It's a great saving and I'm better off now. Everything I save is going towards my holidays.”

Case study - Mr Eric and Mrs Heather Patrick

Sarah Chatham could switch and save £234 on her heating bill

Mr and Mrs Patrick were new WDH tenants back in May 2016 and were unsure of which energy provider was the best to suit them at their home in Havercroft.

Our Sustainability Officer, Alex Hargreaves, visited the couple and gave them advice on how to save money on their monthly energy bills and helped them to switch their energy provider. With Alex’s help, they switched supplier to a one year fixed deal, which estimated a £310 saving in the year (based on stated energy use). Once this deal had ended in 2017, their bills were due to increase by £341 again so they switched once more and saved another £333.

"First rate service."

Mr Patrick said: "What amazes me most is the lack of interest from other people and how they would prefer to be stuck with the same provider and be faithful to them when they could be making a huge saving."

"WDH takes the time to go through everything with you and provide a first-rate service. However, if you don't look into it, you do not know. Most people are uncomfortable with change but it is so simple to do. The money I have saved means I have been able to get more out of putting money to better use too, such as our groceries and petrol in our car for the entire month and you're still getting the exact same service."

He added: "It’s so easy to manage the monthly bills by having a fixed amount that you can budget for. There is nothing worse than being cold in winter and it’s great to be able to manage this cost across the year. With the help we received, it has made our lives a lot easier. The Sustainability Team is very knowledgeable but kept it simple and were very patient with us. It can be quite a strain on the average person."

Sustainability Officer, Alex Hargreaves said: “It’s really important that tenants check to see which will be the best tariff for them when their fixed energy deal ends so they don't end up paying more than they need to for their energy. The energy market has grown, and I can help out with answering tenant’s questions.”

She added: “Tariffs are constantly changing, so you have to go out there and compare the market. We are here to make sure you get the best deal. Beware the trap of not switching again once your fixed energy deal has finished, Switch and Save really could save you a lot of money.

Call the Sustainability Team now via OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507 to see how much you could save. With our help, it’s easy to switch and save.