Working with suppliers

We are committed to procuring goods, services and works using many suppliers from local and small and medium enterprises to large national and multinational corporations.

When new products or services are identified, or an existing contract is due for renewal, the value will determine the procurement route taken.

Our procurement process is both open and transparent. Suppliers who have tendered for our business opportunities can always contact us to obtain feedback on their performance.

Our aims

  • To provide an excellent procurement service demonstrating best practice and professionalism.
  • To meet our business needs by using the best ethical, environmental and Health and Safety practices.
  • To work within the constraints of our own financial regulations and the legislative framework provided by the EU and UK Government.
  • To ensure there is diversity amongst suppliers utilising, voluntary and community sector, small and medium sized enterprises and ethnic minorities wherever possible.
  • To ensure risk is managed effectively in the procurement cycle.
  • To establish mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships encouraging trust with suppliers.
  • To ensure open and fair competition is promoted and a consistent approach is adopted based on integrity and fairness and non-discrimination in all our business dealings.

What we expect from suppliers

  • Integrity, honesty and fairness during the tender process, and after the contract is awarded.
  • Delivering the right quality at the right time.
  • A continuous improvement mind-set, willing to innovate and embrace new ways of working.
  • Receptive to requests for information and responsive to general enquiries.
  • Meeting our demands as a customer and offering an excellent service to our customers
  • A willingness to help us deliver 'added value outcomes' which improves the local economy, employment outcomes and protects the environment.
  • Being a well-run business that places a premium on business continuity and safety.

If you are a supplier you can view our future and current purchasing requirements by checking our Current Tenders.

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