Case study

Debt Team supporting tenant health and wellbeing

Ensuring excellent performance in relation to income management, supporting tenant health and wellbeing and ensuring tenancy sustainment is at the heart of what our Debt Team does. Often this requires joint working with teams across WDH and external partnership working with Wakefield Council, the DWP and other local stakeholders. This can include accessing grant funding from numerous benevolent funds to help our tenants with financial issues.

During the last year, the team supported a young gentleman who was the sole tenant of a one bedroom flat in Wakefield. The tenant had previously served in the armed forces. Due to issues with unstable employment and illness, the tenant had fallen into significant rent arrears and risked losing his home.

In addition to making a referral to our Cash Wise and Wellbeing teams to provide additional support, the debt officer helped the tenant to make a grant application to the SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. The SSAFA grant cleared the tenants rent arrears and helped him to get back on track during a challenging time in his life. The tenant is now paying his rent regularly, is secure in his home and is able to be more actively involved in his local community, free from the burden of debt.