Training for Employment

Success story: Smirthwaite Estate

Two female participants on the TFE programme both found work through WDH’s training for employment scheme. Both were unemployed and finding it a challenge to get feedback on job applications. They both found employment as cleaners on the Smirthwaite Estate in Normanton.

Participant 1 said: "I had been told about WDH’s programmes through a friend and I thought I'd apply. I was a bit nervous when I first started but you do settle in very quickly and the staff at WDH are very welcoming. I love my job. The support you get is really good and I have made some good friends."

The Smirthwaite estate includes 320 properties, a mix of maisonettes, houses, and bungalows. The estate was recently improved with new fencing, front garden spaces and a new play area. Both work 24 hours a week making sure that the estate stays in top condition.

Participant 2 said: "I found out about the opportunity to go on one of WDH’s six-month programmes and I'm very glad I did. I started out on the fencing programme in Pontefract then after three months went on to cleaning and I really enjoyed it. This job has made me feel good about myself and my English is improving. This is my first job since moving to England and WDH have given me so much help, it's been great."

On the job training is delivered by a Team Leader, with support provided by an Employee Mentor who assists with advice and guidance to ensure that all participants on the programme benefit from the experience and move closer to the employment market.

Priscilla Winstanley, Employee Mentor for WDH, said: "They are both really hardworking and although they had personal obstacles to deal with at the start of their programme they grew in confidence and became valuable members of the team. They are very committed to working with us and it's great to see the improvement. It's been great to have them on board and I am proud of them both."