Case Study

OneCALL Advisor

I am a OneCALL Advisor. In OneCALL no two days are the same.

I'm usually based in our Castleford Contact Centre handling customer enquiries and problem solving on a daily basis. However, it’s not all about answering the telephone. There are occasions where I work from our Hubs across the district helping people face to face and make outbound calls to make sure emergencies are attended to as quickly as possible.

Every day is different and the enquiries I receive within this role are varied and come not only from our tenants but also from prospective tenants and other agencies such as the emergency services and our employees reporting issues that impact our properties and customers.

On a typical day I could be logging repairs on our computer system, answering rent account queries, setting up Direct Debits or organising to end tenancies. I deal with queries regarding rehousing and bids on properties and allocate jobs to our trades people to make sure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible and tenants receive the very best service.

We know the benefits of getting people online so I take every opportunity to talk to customers about our customer mobile app and tell them how they can log repairs online to encourage tenants to do things digitally.

My shift patterns are varied and include weekend work but I know when I’m working well in advance, so it’s easy to make arrangements around my working pattern.

This role is very fast paced and every day brings new challenges.

As a OneCALL Advisor I am often the first person a customer speaks to, sometimes it can be in difficult circumstances so being able to help that person makes this a very rewarding job.