Case Study

Homesearch Support Officer

A day in the life of a Homesearch Support Officer.

Working within the Homesearch Team a Homesearch Support Officer is predominantly office based. At the start the day the Homesearch Support Officer will make sure they are ready to receive phone calls from customers and other Homesearch colleagues to answer any general enquiry they may have. Emails are also checked to make sure that there is nothing that needs to be dealt with urgently.

The calls received from our customers are varied and can include checking if a Homesearch application has been processed, booking assessments and supporting people who are unable to bid themselves or don’t have access to the internet to express interest in available properties. A Homesearch Support Officer would also input new application forms from customers onto our computer system.

Administrative duties also play a key part in the role an da Homesearch Support Officer would make sure any paperwork Homesearch Officers require is ready and that letters going out to customers are printed and posted. A Homesearch Support Officer also has responsibility for managing a team email inbox ensuring all queries are answered appropriately and within agreed timescales.

It is the role of the Homesearch Support Officer to contact new and prospective tenants to arrange appointments and offer advice on housing related matters, such as Universal Credit.

At the end of each working day the Homesearch Support Officer would make sure all officers have signed out safely.

The role is varied, and every day is different and brings new challenges. The work is extremely rewarding you get to see the journey our customers take from firstly applying to Homesearch for housing with WDH, right the way through to that customer moving into their new home.