Case Study

Estate Officer

I work as an Estate Officer at WDH.

My caseload is extremely varied and challenging but so rewarding.

I spend my days on my 'patch', dealing with my caseload whilst monitoring the standard of the area and making sure it is well maintained, free of litter and graffiti. I build great relationships with residents, helping to build a sense of community and pride in the area. I am the recognisable face of WDH in the area I work. I am self-sufficient and proactive in dealing with issues as they come up.

I work closely and have good relationships with partner agencies such as Wakefield Council and West Yorkshire Police. Sharing information and supporting each other’s work, we ensure we achieve positive outcomes for residents and areas.

I deal will all kinds of cases but one of the most challenging that comes to mind involved working with a hoarder whose property was full but they weren't able to declutter, due to their personal attachment to the items collected. In order to ensure the property was clean and safe, I worked very closely with the resident, building up a rapport through regular visits. With support from our Wellbeing Team, I managed to get the property decluttered and safe.

My work is immensely rewarding as I see the impact I have on creating communities where people are proud to live.