Case Study

Community Support Worker

I work as a Community Support Worker in the Independent Living Team at WDH.

I spend my days at my Independent Living Scheme ensuring that the residents are all okay by completing wellbeing visits either face to face or using the phone or Care Link intercom system and record the results of these. I am the main point of contact for tenants and do what I can to ensure they are okay, this can be anything from assisting them with their bills to calling for an ambulance. Many tenants just need a friendly chat. One of the many good things about our Independent Living Schemes is that people don’t feel isolated and have someone to talk to if they want.

Health and Safety is also a big part of my role and I check that everything is in order at the scheme by completing regular health and safety checks, fire drills and order anything that the cleaners may need to help keep the scheme clean and tidy through our Independent Living Admin Team.

As part of my role as a Community Support Worker, I complete regular Management Support Meetings with the cleaners at the scheme, this is a chance for us to sit down and discuss their performance and for me to provide any support they may need.

I also complete wellbeing ‘home visits’ to customers who live outside of our independent living schemes. This service provides support for families if they need to go away, ensuring their loved one receives a regular visit. This service helps to reduce social isolation in those living alone. I work with tenants aged anything from 19 years old all the way up to 90!

I assess any new tenants who have applied to live at my scheme to ensure they are suitable and that it meets their needs. If they are I will arrange for them to visit and see the scheme before progressing their application. The refurbishment in this scheme was completed in 2015 and it feels so warm and welcoming.