Case Study

Community Safety Officer

I work for the Community Safety Team as a Community Safety Officer.

My role involves managing cases involving antisocial behaviour (ASB) and providing support to people who are affected by the actions of others as well as challenging those responsible. My daily work also often involves working closely with other organisations such as the Police, Wakefield Council and Victim Support to ensure a partnership approach is taken to help the work we do.

I usually start my day at the local WDH office and log into the housing management system in order to check emails for anything requiring urgent attention that may have happened overnight or the weekend.

I then start to plan my day by checking my diary for existing appointments. I also begin to prepare new case management by checking all background information and speaking with other WDH officers. To help me in my role when working away from a main office then I also use a mobile tablet device which I ensure is fully charged and working correctly.

My visits can be varied and range from visiting vulnerable victims of ASB, offering support and referring to other agencies together with people who are alleged to be causing nuisance behaviour and warning them over their tenancy actions. This can quickly escalate to court action if ASB continues.

I ensure that all records of visits are accurate and fully recorded on our housing management system. I write warning letters to people who are responsible for ASB and am also responsible for compiling witness statements when pursuing legal action through the Court. This involves me working closely with our Legal team and attending Court when required.

I regularly attend multi agency meetings to jointly discuss ongoing issues and how to plan the best course of action to support vulnerable residents and actions against perpetrators of ASB.

My role is varied, and every day is different and brings new challenges. My work is extremely rewarding, especially when supporting vulnerable people and helping improve the quality of their life when effective action is taken against others who have been proved to cause harm.