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What do i need to know about living in a low rise block?

Building safety for residents in low rise blocks. What to do if a fire breaks out.

Building safety

The safety of all residents living in properties of multi-occupancy, such as low rise blocks, is very important to to WDH and all residents must comply with WDH policies. 

To reduce the risks of fires in common areas of low rise blocks, WDH will usually adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ approach and will not allow personal
items to be stored in any common area. To ensure compliance with this approach, WDH will check areas at least every six months to make sure items are not placed in these areas.

In some blocks a ‘managed use’ approach may be adopted by WDH. This means that we will allow certain non combustible items to be stored in common areas and you will be given specific advice about where you can place these items from your housing officer. The common areas in ‘managed use’ blocks will be checked every month.  If any items are identified that are not allowed to be stored in these areas then you will be given seven days to remove them.  If these items are not removed within this time, WDH may remove them for you and you will be charged for this service.

If a there is a fire in the building

If a fire occurs in your apartment, or it is affected by smoke or fire you should leave your apartment and the block immediately ensuring you close all windows and doors behind you.

You should call the fire brigade and wait at a safe distance away from the building so as not to impede their attendance. 

If it is not safe for you to leave your apartment because of smoke or a fire in corridors, then you should stay in your apartment with the doors closed, you should place a towel across the bottom of the door to prevent any smoke from entering your apartment and move to a window furthest away from your front door.

You should try and attract someone’s attention so they know you are in the building, as this will make sure the fire service can help you as quickly as possible.  

Only return to the block when authorised to do so by a fire officer or a WDH officer

For more information about fire safety in low rise blocks contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507




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